Saturday, April 21, 2012

Molly Parkin: The Queen grants her a Civil List Pension

Molly Parkin by Wedge
HM The Queen has displayed yet further wisdom in her dotage by granting a Civil List Pension to my permanent fiancee and our style icon, Molly Parkin.

'The Civil List Pension is an appointment of high honour akin to Order of Merit or Companion of Honour, given for distinguished service to Great Britain in the arts, literature and science,' HM's staff informs me. 'It is paid at the discretion of the Queen and voted in by Parliament.'

Fellow past 'royal pensioners' include James Joyce, William Wordsworth and Augustus John.

Especial piquancy accompanies this news, given the admixture of true artistic genius and raunchy romperama that has characterised Moll's extraordinary life. Why, only a little while back, one gathered that Prince Philip may not have been over-keen to learn of his late actor friend James Robertson-Justice's exotic amatory encounters with Molly, featuring a light bulb.

Truly the Windsors are a family of the world and have, to lapse into the vernacular, seen it all.

Aside from her many erotics novels, countless media gigs on TV and radio and in print (and Madame Arcati), Molly re-designed GB (or should that be UK?) with fashion queen stints on Nova, the Sunday Times, Harpers, and more. It is to her eternal credit that she left all these publications of her own volition, usually to a chorus of imaginative profanity that was all hers. Most publications are a filthy pit of egotism and inexperience. A pure soul such as Moll's could only endure so much before the bigger picture beckoned.

Congratulations darling Moll. Madame is proud of you. xx


Ciaran Rehill said...

I was going to add "Schleswig-Holstein-von Sonderberg-von Glucksberg" but now one hears that Queen Vicky was daughter of naughty noble Lord Conroy.

Anonymous said...

What a romantic Madame is.

Madam Miaow said...

Molly is a national treasure. Well done for liberating some of the royal loot.